Occupational Health & Safety Management System

At our Lady Annie Operations an Occupational Health & Safety Management System (OHSMS) has been developed to manage and assist in reducing workplace illness and injury. The implementation of such a system assists the business to deal with the legal imperatives, ethical concerns and industrial relations considerations relating to workplace safety. It is not uncommon that a well implemented and maintained OHSMS results in improved financial performance.
An OHSMS is a system for planning and setting up processes to manage health and safety in your workplace. Lady Annie Operations OHSMS includes the following key areas:

  • Planning for hazard identification, risk assessment and risk control;
  • OHSMS management programme;
  • Structure and responsibility;
  • Training, awareness, and competence;
  • Consultation and communication;
  • Operational control;
  • Emergency preparedness and response; and
  • Performance measuring, monitoring and improvement.

Management believes all workplace accidents and incidents are preventable and we are committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment through consultation, identification of hazards, assessment of risks, application of effective control measures and regular staff training.

We strive to provide a workplace that actively promotes the health and safety of all and ensure everyone is aware of their individual health and safety responsibilities and accountabilities.

The scope of this safety management plan includes all of Lady Annie Operations and references the organisations quality assurance system, environmental policies, procedures, guidelines, forms, and related documents. Our aim is to achieve and set benchmark standards in health and safety.

The Management team includes systematic reviews and relevance of policy objectives, responsibilities and other elements of the OHSMS. Changes are implemented and communicated where appropriate as part of a wide scoping commitment to continuous improvement.

Emergency Response

An Emergency Management Plan (EMP) has been developed to ensure Lady Annie Operations has a systematic response to handle any foreseeable emergency including:

  • Loss of life;
  • Major injury or trauma to personnel;
  • Damage to the environment; and
  • Damage to company assets.

The objective is to:

  • Provide a chain of command to ensure that there is a prompt and properly co-ordinated response to an emergency;
  • Identify and allocate responsibilities for emergency management, response and evacuation;
  • Ensure appropriate levels of emergency preparedness and resources are available to an event;
  • Identify and plan for hazards and their effects to an emergency at the Lady Annie Operations;
  • Establish and train an Emergency Response Team (ERT) ensuring appropriate training and resources are provided to manage anticipated emergency scenarios; and
  • Ensure management is actively involved, committed, and reviews all emergency management, response and resources.

The control, containment and mitigation of an incident is dependent on the effectiveness and timely response of site personnel. The speed with which personnel transition from operations to emergency response, prevents the escalation of the incident to a disaster. As such the emergency response team conduct training on a regular basis on a range of possible incidents that may occur on the mine site including:

  • Emergency medical evacuation via helicopter;
  • Road crash rescue and patient extraction; and
  • Hazardous spills and bushfire response.

The site-based team consist of volunteers from within the workforce who have a passion for emergency response and a willingness to assist when required.